Professional Services for Your Greatest Concerns

Preparing Beforehand

  • Assessing your need for downsizing and possible alternatives
  • Expert consultants available to help you formulate a plan for downsizing with dignity
  • Assistance in planning layoffs based on an analysis of business needs
  • Avoid legal pitfalls

Breaking the News

  • How to break the news to your employees and restore a culture of trust
  • Maintaining employee morale and building culture

Dealing with the Aftermath

  • Employee readjustment counseling

Package Deal Options:

Initial Telephone Consultation FREE
Employer Advising $500/hr
401(k) Advising $500/hr
Improving Morale and Efficiency Group Session $500/hr
Individualized Employee Career Counseling $100/hr
Legal/Attorney Advising $700/hr
Business Referals $100 Rebate
  • Employee retraining
  • Developing severance packages
  • 401 (k) Rollovers